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Gold Leaf Gardening Glove


In our opinion, there are a number of inadequacies with most gloves currently marketed as gardening gloves:

  • POOR FIT: gloves currently being sold as gardening gloves often do not fit very well, particularly those sold as ladies.

  • UNCOMFORTABLE: many existing gardening gloves can be fairly cumbersome and uncomfortable.

  • NO FEEL: there is limited dexterity in most of the current products, resulting in a lack of feel, because often the leather used to make these gloves is industrial grade leather which tends to be fairly low in quality.

  • UNATTRACTIVE: the appearance of most current gardening gloves leaves a lot to be desired.

The new Gold Leaf Gardening Glove range solves all of these problems, by bringing together some unique and innovative designs, made from exceptionally high quality leather (usually only seen in very expensive fashion gloves), which is both comfortable and durable. We have spent over two years designing and refining the different styles and packaging in order to ensure that Gold Leaf Gardening Gloves are quite simply, the very best ever seen.

Our new range has been designed specifically for gardening, rather than as general purpose gloves, and we are confident that we can at last offer gardeners gloves which are unique and which they will enjoy wearing.









The SOFT TOUCH TM Gardening Glove is a truly innovative glove which offers an extremely close fit allied to incredible durability, and unmatchable dexterity. The palm of this glove is constructed of very high quality grain leather which is characterised by its softness and suppleness, whilst remaining highly durable. The back of the glove is made from Lycra, nylon and foam, which together with the Velcro fastening, afford the close, tight fit which helps differentiate this from other Gardening Gloves.

The emphasis with this glove is very much about feel and fit, and it will suit those in search of a robust, comfortable multi-purpose Gardening Glove, with a touch of style.

Available sizes: Ladies or Gents

The DRY TOUCH TM Gardening Glove is a very comfortable and durable glove which has been constructed using a softer, extremely pliable grain leather, which affords an exceptionally high level of dexterity. This glove also benefits from the leather having been specially treated to offer resistance to water, and would therefore be ideal for those seeking a glove to use in slightly wetter conditions.

Additionally, this glove features a full lining throughout which results in extra comfort and warmth

The DRY TOUCH TM is suitable for a variety of gardening purposes, such as potting, weeding and light pruning (for heavy pruning, we recommend the TOUGH TOUCH TM).

Available sizes: Ladies or Gents

Through its unique design, the TOUGH TOUCH TM Gardening Glove offers a high level of protection against thorns and alike, whilst retaining an incredible soft feel which results in very unusual dexterity for a glove so robust as this. This glove also offers exceptional comfort and warmth, with the added benefit of the gold grain leather being specially treated to offer resistance to water. An extended cuff which affords additional protection for the wrist and forearm adds to the overall appeal of this, quite superb Gardening Glove.

All of these features result in a Gardening Glove which is unsurpassed in terms of comfort, feel and durability, and is ideal for those requiring a truly luxurious and stylish pruning gauntlet.

Available sizes: Ladies or Gents

The WINTER TOUCH™ Gardening Glove is a truly unique, hardwearing, yet luxurious glove for use in cold or wet conditions. This glove features a Thinsulate™ thermal lining to keep your hands warm even in the coldest weather, but also benefits
from an additional innovative RAO-TEX™ waterproof, breathable lining which ensures your hands remain totally dry when used in the wet!

The WINTER TOUCH™, as you would expect, is designed to offer extra comfort and durability throughout the colder, wetter months of the year, keeping hands warm and dry during all general gardening tasks. The reinforced palm of this glove also makes it ideal for use with rakes, spades, brushes and a whole host of other gardening tools.

Available sizes: Ladies or Gents

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